Services and Fees

Rebecca will work with you to meet your health goals, increase energy, lose weight, improve overall sense of well being.  Rebecca specializes in Lyme Diseasechronic illnesses, weight loss, digestive ailments; Rebecca works frequently with individuals in 12-step food programs.

Consult with Rebecca in Catonsville, MD.  Can’t come in person? Use telehealth via Healthie or phone. 


New Patient Consult The initial consult will set a plan of action for your healing plan.  Your plan will include coaching, custom herbal formulations and supplement recommendations, food recommendations, and education.  Rebecca uses lab tests, food diaries, tongue diagnosis, and your health history to design a personalized nutrition plan appropriate for you needs and health concerns.  

New Patient Consult $325


Follow-up visits The number of follow-ups depends on your individual needs.  Those coming in for weight loss or a chronic illness should expect to come in every 2-3 weeks for the first 6 months.  Others who want a general wellness plan can expect 2-3 visits.  There is a weight loss program that can be purchased as well.  As the focus moves towards maintaining wellness, clients can come in seasonally to learn how to care for your body with food and herbs during different times of the year.

1 hour Follow-up Visit $120 (starting April 15th $140)

45 minute Follow-up Visit $90 (starting April 15th $105)

30 minute Follow-up Visit $70 (starting April 15th $80)


Packages can be purchased for a discount.  Please inquire with Rebecca at your next visit.


Family Health Consult – Can’t decide who should be the patient?  Bring the whole household to meet with Rebecca (or just 2-3 members of the family).  Rebecca will help you devise an eating plan for the family as a whole that takes into account everyone’s individual needs! The family health consult is designed for a family that lives together and eats together. The focus of the consult will be food, not supplements.

Family Health Consult $325



Cooking Demo at Rebecca’s House –  Meet with Rebecca in her kitchen to explore various ways to cook foods, new recipes or specific healing foods for your individualized nutrition plan.  Prepare/cook 4+ recipes that align with your personalized nutrition plan.  Cost of groceries are included.  

Cooking Demo $325