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Rebecca Snow’s Mentorship Program

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The program is 4 months.  Start with 4 months and then pay month to month after that.  Your time is valuable.  Take as little or as much time you need to achieve your goals in this super flexible mentorship program. The initial program is $1200.  Pay $200 a month after the initial 4 months.

Apply and start the program when you are ready. No more limitations on when you can start.  We are taking people on a rolling basis.  Start when you are ready and Rebecca has space in her calendar.

Buy into lifetime access to webinars, business start up resources, clinical resources and an exclusive Facebook page.

Each month you will have

60 minute individual meeting with Rebecca

90 minute group meeting

unlimited access through the Facebook page

Individual Meetings: Participants will have one individual meeting with Rebecca each month for 60 minutes.  See more about individual meetings below.

Group Meetings: There is one scheduled 90-minute group meeting every month.  Meeting times vary through 2019.  Starting in January 2020 all meetings will occur on Wednesday nights in the evening.  Group meetings count towards supervisor contact time.  See more about group meetings below.

Private Facebook Group: Join an exclusive community of new and seasoned practitioners, ask questions, motivate each other.  Rebecca and her team will field questions on difficult case questions, business strategies and other pertinent information. Rebecca is dedicated to answering all of your questions during active mentorship.  After your active mentorship is over you can stay in the group, membership is lifelong.  

Documentation of Supervised Practice Hours for Credentialing in the Field.  Each month candidates can receive 100 supervised hours if all meetings are attended.

Business Start-up Package File sharing with 100+ handouts, resources, clinic forms, prerecorded client interviews, 40 hours of recorded educational webinars.

Master’s degree level clinical training in the field of nutrition.  One can begin the program prior to matriculation on a case by case basis.

Key qualities of a successful candidate are 1) organized 2) motivated 3) has a vision/plan for their internship.

Application process:

I am currently taking applications on a rolling and space available basis.  Please plan to apply 2 months prior to preferred start date for best consideration.

To apply, you will need to

  1.  Fill out the application here.
  2. Submit a current resume or CV to Rebecca Snow at
  3. Write brief letter about your personal quality, strengths and weaknesses and areas of growth as a nutrition professional, as well as your plans for your internship.  Submit this to to Rebecca Snow at

After receiving your application a phone interview will be scheduled.  Schedule your interview here.

Fee structure:

Deposit $400 – access to Business start up package, lifetime access to Facebook page, secures spot in the program.  Pay upon acceptance into the program.

4-month initial package  – $800, paid $200 each month at the start of the month

ongoing mentorship – $200 a month

More About One-on-One Meetings

Individual meetings can occur in person at Rebecca’s office in Catonsville, or via phone, Healthie Telehealth or Zoom. These meetings are 1 hour in length. During these meetings we can review…
a. Client cases, your clinical records, specific questions on case recommendations or nutrition diagnosis
b. Strategies on client management
c. Your growth and development as a practitioner/educator/professional
d. Marketing and business strategies
e. Other nutrition-related projects you are working on, i.e. course/class design, marketing, educational materials etc.

Documents will be shared via Googledrive and secure HIPAA compliant file sharing. This is a great time to bring up questions and concerns that you have in your practice.

More About Group Meetings

Group Meetings are 90-minutes in length. These group meeting will be held in an interactive online format. They will be recorded and you will have access to the recording if you miss the meeting. Live attendance is required to count the meeting as supervisor contact hours. Discussion will be directed by student questions and interests/concerns, related to a specific topic.  There is a pre-recorded webinar for most topics, participants will be asked to watch the recording prior to the group meeting. In addition to the pre-recorded info session, participants will have the option to gain more applied practice hours by crafting an assessment and nutrition plan for a relevant case study. 

The group will be surveyed prior to the start of the program to assess interests and needs. Topics for Group Meetings can include:

  • Herbal medicine
  • Supplements
  • Digestive Health
  • Coaching skills
  • Clinical strategies
  • Marketing and development
  • Women’s health
  • Mood disorders
  • Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification

FAQ about Rebecca’s Mentorship Program

What can I do for my supervised practice experience?
1. Clinical work – client prep/research, meal plan development, client management
2. Group clinical work – small group programs, weight loss groups, etc.
3. Partnering with fellow colleagues, graduates on clinical work or educational projects in the community
4. Hands-on nutrition education – cooking classes, grocery store tours, pantry rehabs
5. Educational programs @ schools, gyms, farms, corporations, to professionals i.e. lunch and learn at doctor’s office, webinars; this includes development and delivery of programs.
6. Consulting as a nutrition professional, this could include doctors, gyms, pharmacies, farms/CSA’s, grocery stores, corporations, restaurants (revamp menu to be gluten free, or sourcing healthier food), other nonprofit or government agencies

7.  Observation of nutrition professionals or health care professionals who do a large % of nutrition as a part of their practice.

Why is supervision important?
Since you are not yet licensed to practice nutrition, as your supervisor, I will help guide you in best clinical practices.  Credentialing bodies like the BCNS, AHG, and the NANP, require supervision of applied practice hours.  Licensing laws vary state to state, please consult your state licensing and supervision requirements. Also, while I hold liability insurance for my practice and mentoring program, you will need to get liability insurance to participate in this Mentorship Program.

Are there limitations to practice?
The Intern should operate within the scope of practice indicated by state laws where the client resides.  To learn more about state nutrition laws, visit the Center for Nutrition Advocacy website. Practice in red states is likely be limited to health coaching and education, whereas green states allow for medical nutrition practice.  It is up to the intern to get familiar with state licensing laws. Generally, interns can design and deliver educational activities for the public through a variety of venues, consult with related businesses on food and nutrition, and provide nutritional education through one-on-one consults. In states where supplement recommendations are allowed, supplement recommendations for pre-pubescent children, pregnant or lactating women, pre or post major surgery, individuals undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, individuals with liver or kidney disease or anyone taking medications need to be approved by Rebecca prior to recommendation.  Talk to Rebecca about any specific questions related to your state during your one-one-one interview.