Corporate Nutrition Services

Rebecca Snow offers a number of educational and experiential wellness programs for groups and corporations.

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Lunch and Learn
Group Wellness Plan 1
Group Wellness Plan II:  Day of Wellness
Group Wellness Plan III: The Individualized Approach

Lunch and Learn                                                                                

Rebecca Snow has been educating individuals and groups on nutrition and wellness for 10 years. She loves empowering people to make positive change in their life.  A lunchtime workshop is a great opportunity for your employees/staff to learn the basics of self-care through good nutrition.  Choose from any of the topics listed below that best suit the needs of your group.

  • Cooking Healthy on a Budget
  • Healthy Food Tastes Good!
  • Navigate the Grocery Store
  • Mindful Eating
  • Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Boosting your Immune System
  • Medicinal and Healing Foods
  • Cooking with Herbs
  • Stress and Mental Health
  • Boosting Energy with Nutrition

Rebecca and her support team will provide lecture with take home tools and food samples for attendees.  Call 443.840.7887 for pricing.
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Group Wellness Plan 1                                                

Six hours of group nutrition and wellness education that can be designed with the specific needs of your organization in mind.  Select from the topics above or request other specific topics that address the health needs of your group (i.e. cholesterol and heart health, etc).  The six hours can be crafted into three 2-hour classes, or four 1.5-hour classes.  Each uniquely designed program will include an introduction to healthy nutrition, food and drink samples, cooking demonstration, and a Nutritional Starter Kit for the each participant.

The Nutritional Starter Kit includes educational guidelines for healthy eating, shopping, cooking, and exercising, along with ten recipes for optimal health.  Food can be prepared for participants for an additional fee.  Call 443.840.7887 for pricing.

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Group Wellness Plan II:  Day of Wellness                          

This package of wellness services is designed for your group to feel rejuvenated and empowered to make positive change in their life. The smaller size of the group allows for personalized care from the teachers and health professionals.  This program feels like a day at the spa!

Through participating in the Day of Wellness, your employees will

  • Be motivated to tend to the health of their body and mind
  • Learn a yoga routine for strength and balance
  • Discover the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate a practice into their life
  • Discover the benefits of acupuncture through an auricular treatment
  • Learn how to use herbal soaks and teas for stress reduction and relaxation
  • Design a personalized eating plan to achieve health goals
  • Enjoy a healthy and nutritious lunch catered to the group

A Sample Day of Wellness

9:00 a.m. Introduction to Self-Care

10:15 a.m. Yoga Class

11:30 a.m. Cooking demonstration – principles of healthy eating

12:30 a.m. A Delicious and Healthy Lunch is Served

2:00 p.m. Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

2:45 p.m. Herbal Foot Soak and Stress reduction tea sampling

4:00 p.m. Interactive Workshop on Creating a Meditation Practice

End at 5:00

Call 443.840.7887 for pricing.
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Group Wellness Plan III: The Individualized Approach                            

After an introductory workshop on nutrition, Rebecca and her team will meet one-on-one with employees for 45 minutes each, to get them started on an Individualized Nutrition Plan. Participants will fill out a series of intake forms including a health history, three-day food journal, and a personal goals worksheet.  After the last individual has met with Rebecca and her team, participants will join in another group workshop (2 hours) on food shopping and preparation, and how to implement changes in their diet.

Individualized Nutrition Plan includes

  • Nutrition Starter Kit
  • Nutrition consult for each employee participating:  Evaluation of individual’s dietary intake and needs, review of current supplements, a list of whole foods that specifically benefits personal health, recommended dietary changes and supplements (as applicable) to attain health goals.
  • Educational seminars to support implementing personalized nutrition plan

Call 443.840.7887 for pricing.
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