Mentorship Testimonials

I’m so grateful to have had Rebecca as my mentor. Being a new graduate is scary and I honestly don’t think I would have made it through this transitional period without her. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and I learned so much from being in her program. She covered everything from understanding lab work, to herbs, to the ins and outs of starting your own business. Rebecca helped me to feel confident as I worked on my own as a clinical nutritionist. I cannot overstate how much I value both Rebecca and her program. – Diane Weil

Rebecca is a wonderful educator. She spreads seeds of love all around her and has helped me tremendously in my journey to practice nutrition. I don’t know what I would have done without her! She is extremely knowledgable & generous with all her information.

Thank you Rebecca I am so grateful for you! ❤️ – Leslie Weinman

I’m so very happy with my decision to join Rebecca’s mentorship program. From day one, Rebecca made me feel at ease with her calm presence. She is not only very knowledgeable in clinical nutrition as well as herbs, but she is also a very empathetic and generous person. Rebecca has a gentle way of guiding you without making you feel like you made the wrong choice. She is a very good teacher in that respect!

I really loved the group meeting format since there was usually something to learn from other mentees based on the different questions they asked as well. Having access to the drive full of client and practitioner resources was also very helpful in starting my own business. The webinars on different topics were loaded with useful information and I will be referring back to those often.

When I first started the internship, I did not have any clinical experience and with Rebecca’s guidance, I am finishing the internship feeling very confident and prepared to start my own practice. While I’m happy to get certified and licensed, I’m really going to miss our sessions together. This is truly a well-rounded program and worth much more than the investment.

Thank You Rebecca! – Dawn Schenone

Rebecca Snow is a true mentor, teacher, herbalist, and nutritionist. I learned so much about how to help my clients using herbs and nutrition from Rebecca, who is a seasoned practitioner. She also supported me in becoming more organized in my private practice. She provides numerous resources for building and growing a business and resources for use with clients. I highly recommend her to students or practitioners that need supervised hours, a mentor, or are just thirsty for more knowledge and support in their nutrition or herbal practice.

I appreciate the Nutrition Mentoring Program and Rebecca’s expertise which has been able to strongly equip and empower me for effective clinical practice, yet is gently applied. Rebecca is a model for my practice and has helped me to improve my clinical and business skills. The monthly group discussions and individual consultations  have helped me apply knowledge learned in the classroom, improving confidence and clinical skills. My work with clients, record keeping and communication with referring physicians is clearer. My understanding of herbal and supplement interventions is more targeted for improving health outcomes with various clients.  Thank you (Rebecca) for the strong support this mentoring group has provided! Thank you for your personal investment in me through this mentoring experience! I am glad to know you not only as a mentor but as a colleague and friend. – Beth Schroeder

You have been a valuable sounding board for navigating through the brave new world of nutrition. During the time with you, I always feels like you are completely engaged in listening and in evaluating ideas. You have been consistently available to share your experience, your own clinical tools and connections in the field. Your critiques have inevitably been insightful, helpful and accurate.  You’ve paid attention to what your “mentorees” need to progress and you seem to be willing to do whatever it takes. I’m not sure that I could be doing this without you (seriously!). -Katherine Lambert

You were always right there with great advice, willing to share your vast knowledge on anything that came up. It really helped me to build my skills and confidence. One of the best investments I have made in my career. -Ann Keating

You have been such a guiding light in my life the past couple of years. Thank you for your continued support, compassion, and mentorship. I will never be able to thank you enough for the difference you have made personally and professionally. But I thought this was a good start:). – Tina K.

Thank you so much for this learning opportunity. I appreciate all the advice you have given me thus far! You are an amazing person with so much to give! I hope we always keep in touch! – M.C.

Thank you truly for this experience in your mentoring group. It has been an honor to work with you and I feel like I have really learned a lot. I am looking forward to reviewing the webinars further as I have more time and continued learning. Your mentoring program filled in so many gaps in my education at MUIH and I am very grateful for the time we had together- thank you. I will most definitely be in touch and probably continue to schedule some appointments with you from time to time :). I hope that your mentoring program continues to be a success- each student/new practitioner that has the opportunity to work with you is lucky! – Jennifer Brennan

Rebecca not only provides knowledge on several topics, but draws on years of experience in the field. In our individual meetings, she coaches me on both the art and science of being a competent practitioner, as well as marketing strategies and communication, and I have learned so much in just the first few months of the program. I feel more confident transitioning from the student clinic to my own practice knowing I have Rebecca as a resource and role model.

I equally enjoyed and benefited from the individual and group meetings. I refer frequently to the notes I took during these sessions in clinical practice. Rebecca not only educated me on the science behind clinical nutrition, but she coached me on how to be a more effective healing presence. There were a handful of “breakthrough” moments that have forever changed the way I interact with my clients. Thank you, Rebecca!

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to participate in Rebecca’s mentorship program, and feel that it complements my time at MUIH well. Rebecca is familiar with our education and provides the support and information that we need. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very approachable as well as easily available for extra support via email or scheduling extra sessions. The program balances both group meetings and one on one providing a great mix. This is a great way to not only assure you get the hours you need to get licensed, but also support and room for growth as a new graduate in the field.

I want to say thanks for all the coaching you’ve given me the past couple of years.  Every time a client thanks me for “helping them to get their life back”, I think:  “Thank you Rebecca for giving me the skills to deal with these really sick people.”  I know other teachers also helped, but it was really YOU that taught me to meet people where they are.  And I am forever thankful for it.  – Cheryle Mckee

I am so grateful for the gifts I received through this program — I will treasure them and carry them with me as medicine. 

After graduating from MUIH, I had the basic knowledge regarding clinical nutrition but I really lacked the skills to actually put that knowledge into practice. Rebecca nurtured and pushed me into being able to move towards building a successful practice. The growing never stops though. She provided tools and skills for me to continue to work on moving forward. I couldn’t imagine having done my internship elsewhere. Rebecca is great! – SB