Dive Deep into Health: Immune Reboot

-Do you feel like you are putting in a lot of effort but not seeing results with your health goals?

-Do you feel like your immune system is just not like it was a few years ago?

-Are you eating healthy but just can’t seem to feel your best?

The Immune Reboot ONLINE program will provide you the support you need to build a healthy immune system . You will gain an arsenal of tools to beat those icky colds and feel strong and healthy all year long. Come on a journey with us to….

*Detoxify your home and body

*Break up with sugar

*Support your microbiome without lots of pills

*Use herbs and food remedies for winter survival

What are people saying?

Thanks for a great online course. The range of materials and weekly recipes are really helpful. I appreciate the video recordings since it’s difficult for me to attend live all the time. I’m down 10lbs since the first of the year. Also feeling good and more informed about what I eat, even on the road for work.  The recipe for breakfast you provided will last me 3-4 days. Makes it easy! This offering of great value and you’re very generous with the info you provide! – Bob D.

Rebecca, I SO enjoyed your Winter Reboot series- bravo to you and Kate! I’m thrilled with how much information you managed to squeeze into 90 minutes last night, just masterful. Thank you! – Louise B.

Thank you for the excellent webinars. I learned so much – you made it understandable. We all know what we “should” do but learning this information gets me excited to take better care of myself. – Patty H. 

All topics were interesting and informative. It was an eye opener to learn about toxins and cleaning and beauty products. I took most of my notes on Beyond Probiotics. Love the Phytonutrient Spectrum handout. I appreciate your realness and sharing your experiences. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to more of your webinars. – Anna N. 

Fantastic webinars!  The consistent food as medicine theme Rebecca and Kate emphasize is so refreshing from so many perspectives. And while we’re all exposed to sayings such as “eat the rainbow”, etc., your talk seemed to finally turn the light bulb on in my brain regarding the significance of color in nutrition and health. – Dana L.

I so appreciate the 3,987,564 handouts in this course. I’ve taken graduate courses with not even close to the time and resources you have given us. This has been an amazing gift and at a price that was far less than it is worth. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Virginia C. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Reboot! It was fun to go through it as a participant to evaluate my own life and habits. I still need to try herring :), but several of the other recipes were delicious. I love sweet potato toast and had not had it with yogurt- a new favorite! – Sara A.

You and Kate did an amazing job of presenting a wealth of knowledge on critical topics that are affecting all of us!. I am still re reading and absorbing this valuable info. I also have tried some recipes which I have enjoyed! Am incorporating more herbs into foods such as performance mushrooms powder…secretly hiding from rest of family, LOL!! You both are a blessing to me and this community! God bless your work! Thank you!!!!! – Anonymous

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What’s in it for you?

*4 recorded webinars

*4 weeks of menus for boosting immune function

*Learn how to build an herbal cold kit

*Identify simple steps to strengthen your immune system

*Many resources and handouts

What ar

You can start this program whenever you are ready.

This 4-week online premier program gives you the opportunity to interact with Rebecca and Kate at a fraction of the cost of a clinical visit.

-The program includes 4 Recorded Webinars (topics below).

-4-week open chat with Rebecca and Kate

-A menu of immune boosting recipes

-Many handouts and daily emails

Workshops included…

Resilient Immunity:  Build your immune system army this winter with Rebecca

Arm yourself with herbs, foods, and lifestyle factors that support your immune system through the winter.  The flu shot has its role and usefulness. AND Let’s do more!

*Identify the top five immune weakening behaviors

*Learn how to use 8 key herbs and remedies for immune health, colds and prevention. Forms of herbs and how to prepare them will be covered

*Choose from an “armament” of healthy behaviors and tools to strengthen immunity during the winter

Breaking up with sugar: 10 ways to redefine (and realign) your sweet tooth with Kate

Breaking up with sugar on your 2020 list of New Year’s Intentions?

*Learn 10 ways to redefine your relationship with sugar and find more sweetness in life. 

Toxins Out, Nature In.   A guide for detoxifying your home, cleaning and beauty products with Kate

Deepen your understanding of the toxic burden our bodies are faced with today.  Exploring all the areas where toxins creep in, you will develop more awareness and resilience.  Learn how to lower that burden with simple, easy, natural, and inexpensive resources.

Beyond Probiotics: Change your gut bacteria and change your health  with Rebecca

99% of the DNA in your body is in the bacteria in your gut!  But wait, don’t have an existential crisis, be amazed, be curious.  Your gut microbiome is a key to your health and plays a role in preventing infection, reduced allergies, digestive health, mood, inflammation and so much more. 

*Gain a list of gut supportive and harming foods.

*Simple ways to “weed, feed and seed” your gut “garden” with foods not pills

*Learn strategies to eat your way to better gut health

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

*Choose from an array of possible gut transforming practices from gargling to creating resistant starch from potatoes! 

The Program includes an Exclusive opportunity to ask Kate and Rebecca Questions for 4-weeks.

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This fee is nonrefundable. Access to the program content will not expire. All lectures are recorded for playback.