Herbal Dispensary

Custom Herbal Formulations

Rebecca Snow Nutrition custom formulates teas, powders and tinctures.  Our practitioners offer this service as a part of our new patient and follow-up consultations.

Herbs will be specifically recommended and formulated for your personal needs and health goals. Herbs can be prepared and used in many ways. They can be taken as liquid extracts (tinctures), teas, powders, or in capsules. 

We will work with you to find the best approach for incorporating herbs and supplements into your lifestyle.  We formulate custom teas, powders, and tinctures.*

*We use an external dispensary, Herban Pharm, to fill our customized herbal formulas.

Instructions for Preparing & Using Herbs

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Nutrition Supplements

Rebecca and Kate use Fullscript for client recommendations.  You can shop here for 25% off retail price.  When possible they will work with clients to purchase supplements at a local health food store.