Wildcrafting Chickweed & Nettles

Wildcrafting weeds is a creative way to procure fresh greens. We have some stinging nettles in our backyard. Pictured here, I am adding some to cooked red lentil dahl in lieu of spinach. It grows as a weed very commonly. You can steam, puree or sautee fresh stinging nettles. Cooking and pureeing eliminates the sting! I am used to handling with bare hands, but best to use gloves so you avoid getting stung. Nettles are the most nutrient-dense leafy green you can eat!! Here is a video how to identify stinging nettles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ASTvp1pgLg

We also harvested some chickweed (Stellaria media) on a neighborhood walk and made a salad with it. Here is a video on how to identify chickweed in your neighborhood or yard. It is nice in quiche, frittata, fresh or sauteed with other greens.