What are people saying about Rebecca’s classes?

*You were one of the first teachers I encountered on my herb journey and one of the reasons my love of plant power continues. Many thanks! – Eileen 

*Rebecca is amazing. She was able to convey somewhat complex information about nutrition in a way that we could easily understand it. 

*I would recommend this class to anyone.

*Thanks so much Rebecca! You taught me the joys of cooking good food that doesn’t get handed to me through a drive thru window!

*Rebecca’s knowledge of the material is impressive and she has a great ability to explain nutritional science in lay terms that were easy to understand. Her instruction helped me get beyond the myths and better understand what is good for me, and why. 

*This has been an excellent class. I have learned a lot and very much enjoyed the instructor as well as the rest of the class. 

*WordsCarrots are hard to find to express the impact this day had on me.  Amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Nancy


*I loved the class!! I do think differently about food and have revised some of my eating habits. I have tried to be aware of how am feeling after I eat something. I am “listening” to my body now, and if I think that I am hungry…I evaluate whether or not I am just thirsty. – Cynthia

“I was truly inspired, nourished (mind, body, & soul) with the in-person herbal intensive. I am deeply grateful for your presence in this world bringing practitioners so much knowledge, care, generosity, calm energy, fun, love, connection and experiences of the natural world. Your openness and sharing really inspires me to give more and share more.” – Rachael


Education rooted in personal experience, ancient practices and modern research.


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