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Jello immune shots


We started making this homemade jello recipe regularly this winter.  Kids love it and it combines highly antioxidant fruits with good immune boosting antiviral support.  This is fun medicine… Check out the recipe here.

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When I first stepped into an herb store at the age of 22, I was in awe of the plant material and healing potential contained in each brown jar.  Previously, I was unaware of the medicine under foot as I walked the earth.  I felt like I was opening a door to a new world…

This awakening led me to become an herbalist. I am still in awe of healing plants. Are you?  READ MY BIO >>

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Is snacking healthy?

As a nutritionist, I am often talking about healthy snacking with my clients.  The goal of healthier snacking is to reduce sugar intake, boost fiber and protein, and increase disease fighting phytonutrients (fight with color!).  By doing this, you are helping to stabilize blood sugar and achieve optimal and healthy weight.   How do you know […]