Welcome to my site! I am passionate about helping people with chronic illnesses recover with healthy lifestyle choices, coaching, herbs and foods. Every day I choose to live more fully. Come join me!

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CLD Revisions Submissions 8415Lyme Disease: Transformation and Healing

Many people suffer with chronic symptoms after being infected with Lyme disease.  Come learn about how to support your healing journey and transform your health with herbs and nutrition.  Herbal medicine can support cognitive function, detoxification, reduce inflammation, target microbes, and support a healthy immune function.  This full day workshop will discuss challenges with Lyme treatment and the role that nutrition and herbs can play in healing.  You will leave with many tools and resources including meal plans, recipes and herbal protocols

Date and Time:  Saturday, March 11th 9 am to 5 pm with lunch break

Location:  Ellicott City Wellness Center 3691 Park Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043.  A short walk from downtown Ellicott City.

Price: $165 before January 31st,  $180 after January 31st

Registration:  Advanced registration is required as space is limited.  Register for the program here.


About Rebecca

When I first stepped into an herb store at the age of 22, I was in awe of the plant material and healing potential contained in each brown jar.  Previously, I was unaware of the medicine under foot as I walked the earth.  I felt like I was opening a door to a new world…

This awakening led me to become an herbalist. I am still in awe of healing plants. Are you?  READ MY BIO >>

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Evaluating the evidence for herbs for Chronic Lyme Disease

Reflecting back when I first started seeing clients with chronic symptoms from Lyme disease in 2004, there was very little published information on the topic. There were a few herbal pioneers who had published their first work like Stephen Buhner and Dr. Zhang, but still there was a long way to go in understanding how […]