Dive Deep into Health: Winter Reboot

For the first time (ever!), Rebecca Snow Nutrition has launched a community education series. This has been in the plans for a while and we are so excited to unveil our first program.

Give your health a reboot this January with a month-long community forum and talk series with Rebecca and Kate.  

What’s in it for you?

  • Four weeks of learning and empowerment
  • Four workshops
  • Community forum
  • Lots of resources.
  • Go deeper with self-care

Dates:  January 3-31, 2020

All workshops are recorded, not to worry if you miss a date! Workshops occur every Tuesday in January 730-9 pm, approx 1 hour lecture, 15+ minutes Q&A. 

January 7th 730-9 pm Resilient Immunity:  Build your immune system army this winter with Rebecca

Arm yourself with herbs, foods, and lifestyle factors that support your immune system through the winter.  The flu shot has its role and usefulness. AND Let’s do more! Together we will explore an “armament” of tools that can support your body’s infection fighting ability.  Favorite remedies to be discussed include echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry, Vitamin C, astragalus, reishi, maitake, N-acetyl cysteine and more.

January 14th 730-9 pm Breaking up with sugar: 10 ways to redefine (and realign) your sweet tooth with Kate

Breaking up with sugar on your 2020 list of New Year’s Intentions? Is abstinence really the only way? Learn 10 ways to redefine your relationship with sugar and find more sweetness in life. 

January 21st  730-9 pm Toxins Out, Nature In.   A guide for detoxifying your home, cleaning and beauty products with Kate

Deepen your understanding of the toxic burden our bodies are faced with today.  Exploring all the areas where toxins creep in, you will develop more awareness and resilience.  Learn how to lower that burden with simple, easy, natural, and inexpensive resources.

January 28th 730-9 pm  Beyond Probiotics: Change your gut bacteria and change your health  with Rebecca

99% of the DNA in your body is in the bacteria in your gut!  But wait, don’t have an existential crisis, be amazed, be curious.  Your gut microbiome is a key to your health and plays a role in diabetes, heart disease, digestive health, mood, inflammation and so much more.  Probiotics are a useful supplement, however there is so much more you can do to alter and enhance your microbiome through food, herbs, lifestyle factors and more.  

Community chat

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

Jan 3 – 9 – Rebecca moderates discussion on Immunity

Jan 10 -16 –  Kate moderates discussion on Sugar

Jan 17 – 23 – Kate moderates discussion on Toxins

Jan 24 – 31 – Rebecca moderates discussion on Gut health and bacteria

This class will fill up. Space is limited to 100 people. Sign up before December 1st with the coupon “Radish” and receive $25 off.

booking provided by Healthie